James Robinson vows to sign all obsolete jerseys after changing number to No. 25


After a breakout rookie season in the No. 30 for the Jacksonville Jaguars, running back James Robinson is changing his number to No. 25, which he wore in college at Illinois State.

That number change has now made the No. 30 jerseys fans may have bought to support him over the last year obsolete. However, Robinson has vowed to make it up to any fans that bought one of his jerseys before he decided to change his number.

“I want to THANK YOU for all of the love,” Robinson wrote in a post to his Twitter account. “With me changing my number to 25, I’d love to sign ANY of your #30 jerseys as a continued THANK YOU for all your support and buying my jersey. DM @JaguarsPR tonight with a picture of you wearing my jersey and we will be in touch!#DUUUVAL🤘🏾”

Robinson continued to wear No. 30 throughout the preseason for the Jaguars. Now with rosters trimmed down, he elected to make the switch to No. 25.

It’s a nice gesture by Robinson to give a bit of time and effort on his part to help fans who may have just purchased one of his jerseys recently to find out it is already out-of-date.