Brit mum gives birth in police car on holiday island after ambulance fails to turn up


A British tourist has given birth in the back of a police car on the holiday island of Menorca.

The holidaymaker was helped out by the officers after her waters broke while she and her partner were out having dinner in the Ses Salines area.

The officers – including a trainee – helped deliver a healthy baby girl, despite the fact she was born prematurely, and mum and daughter are said to be doing okay.

The unnamed woman gave birth on the back seat of their patrol car as she was being rushed to Menorca’s state General Mateu Orfila Hospital.

The child has been airlifted to Son Espases Hospital in Majorca so she can receive specialist treatment.

The source said: “A police patrol saw there was a crowd of people and went to investigate.

“When the ambulance didn’t arrive they decided to take the pregnant tourist to hospital themselves.

“The alarm was raised around 8pm yesterday/on Monday at a restaurant where the couple had been enjoying a meal.”

A spokesman for the Civil Guard said: “The officers realised her waters had broken and went to immediately transfer her to General Mateu Orfila Hospital while medical services were coordinated.

“During the transfer the officer kept check on her contractions and she ended up giving birth in the back of the car on the Me-1 road.

“Moments later the vehicle reached the hospital with the new passenger on board.

“Medical staff took charge of the mother and daughter so the baby could continue her recovery.

“She was taken to Son Espases Hospital in Majorca that same night as she was born prematurely.”