Three-foot python on the loose but his owners say he’s ‘very friendly’


A three-foot python is on the loose after escaping from his home – but his owners said he is “very friendly”.

A desperate search for the snake was launched after he went missing from the Fisheracre area of Arbroath, Angus, Scotland.

The Mojave python was reported missing earlier today and his owners are worried as the reptile will not survive without water.

They said the snake had previously left the family home but had returned after a few days.

After launching an appeal to find their pet, the owners said they are willing to give a reward to anyone who has any relevant information.

Locals have been urged not to harm the python and it has been described as “very friendly” and “very shy”, according to Missing Pets Dundee and Angus Facebook page.

The social media post reads: “Reward if anyone can help find family pet python – Fisheracre area of Arbroath.

“Missing pet Mojave python, very friendly, very shy and three foot long. Please don’t harm him if found, he is a family pet and very child friendly.

“In the past he pops back out after a few days, but getting very desperate as he won’t survive without water.

“He may not be a dog, but he’s just as important as a family pet. He isn’t wild.”

A person commented: “My heart breaks for you. I have a python too and would be devastated if this was me. Really hope you find him.”

One more added: “I just hope if someone sees this lad they pick him up. We have 3 royals and they honestly are harmless. It’s a shame some people would be too afraid to pick him up.”

Anyone with information can send a message to the Facebook page.

Mojave pythons are one of the most popular pet species in the UK because they are gentle and easy to keep, according to Evolution Reptiles.

They grow to around 1.2m long and have a pattern with shades of brown, black and yellow that makes them easy to distinguish.

According to a 2020/2021 survey, only 0.8% of UK households keep snakes as pets.

Dogs are the most commonly owned pet, with 33% of households having one, while cats stand in the second place, with 27% of houses owning one.