Friday, February 6th, 2009

Emmet Ryan - Editor

The resident gaffer and founder of Villa81, Emmet is freelance journalist with several publications and websites including the Irish Times and Sunday Business Post.   In 2008 Emmet was a finalist in the Specialist Business Reporting category at the Irish Business Journalist Awards and won the 2009 IIA NetVisionary Journalist award. His weaknesses include a fondness for the musical stylings of Lionel Richie and 5ive.

Gerard Healy

A rarity for Villa81, Ger actually works in the IT industry. While he’s the most technically minded of our staff, he has no aversion to participating in the less intellectual features that occasionally appear on the is website. Besides, everyone knows he only got the gig because his brother is mates with the editor.

Brian Condron

Brian is undoubtedly the closest thing we have to a mad scientist. As a man who brews his own beer, often in somewhat unusual but effective flavours, he’s got the creative mind need to get a feel for gadgets and understand how they work in a practical environment.

Kate Fitzgerald

By day Kate works in public relations but outside the office she has a fascination with gadgets. She has substantial experience using devices that aim to offer a mix of both style and substance. In her spare time Kate is either coping with her unhealthy obsession with politics or indulging her other notable vice, scoffing cheese.

Ciaran Ruane

Spending most of his time behind the camera, Ciaran is one of the site’s main brains for filming and editing content. A public servant by day, Ciaran spends his spare time playing chess, watching football, and analysing the cultural phenomenon that is Darts.

Dr Fergal Casey

Thrilled at the prospect of being paid primarily in tea and biscuits, Fergal was involved in the first video conceived by the Villa81 team. He was behind the camera when we killed a Lenovo X300 with a cappuccino in May 2008. Despite this harrowing experience Fergal, whose PhD in English really has little impact on the site other than that it looks cool to have someone with Dr in their name contributing, has kept up the good fight and manned the camera when called upon.

Stephen Errity

Stephen’s experience is primarily as a motoring journalist. He has also substantial experience covering music and technology issues, making him a bizarre mix of cool-geek-petrolhead. In his spare time Stephen is working his way through every notable television series of the 1990s.