Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Villa81 marks products we review out of 10. The points are awarded by the reviewer and it is their opinion unless we do something special and have more than one person conduct the review.

When grading we look at the device in the context of who it’s aimed at factoring elements such as price and customer needs.  For example an iPhone has way more features than a budget model but the two phones are aimed at two different user groups.

The scale - a rough explanation

0 The cigar clipper. It’s quite simple, this is a product that is nothing less than detestable and a pain to use.

1-2 A woeful device which stops just short of insulting the user in the face.

3-4 A below average device. This is likely bad and not worth even considering buying but will have some redeeming qualities.

5 Average. This product is bang on what one expects as meeting the requirements of a user but has nothing impressive to speak of.

6-7 These are decent products. They definitely have some features to get the attention of users and have very little that cause irritation. They are also not ground breaking however and lack the elements required to get the wow factor.

8-9 This is good, this is really good. It is likely that there are only slight deficiencies which shouldn’t worry consumers or else it’s a device that is quite good but is also up against a very strong class of products. There’s a chance a product in this range is just a wafer thin margin away from perfection.

10 This is a level of awesome that transcends genres to a point where it is incapable of making anything better. It is perfection.