The Weekly Record: Siemens call for more energy savings and Meteor have a new phone for students

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

Um here's a shot of Katie Taylor because nobody sent us a good image this week.Speaking at the Smart Cities Summit in Croke Park this week, representatives of Siemens said Ireland could achieve energy savings in its buildings of up to 50 percent. The IT giant added that it can be achieved with little or no capital investment cost to the exchequer and should be made a priority by Government. “We estimate that over €1 billion of energy is used by our buildings, with over 90 percent of that energy imported,” Liam Mulligan, Siemens’ head of Mobility and Sustainability. “In Dublin energy consumption of our residential buildings is 350kWh per sq metre, far higher than the 30 city average of 250kWh. During the boom years a significant number of buildings were built cheaply with little or no consideration for energy efficiency or sustainability. Some of them are appalling from an energy perspective.”

Atlantic Bridge has announced the sale of portfolio company Nanaotech Semiconductors to Gennum Corporation for $34 million, with a potential additional $6 million if certain revenue targets are achieved by Nanotech over the next 12 months. Nanotech is a semiconductor company focusing on analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for the fibre-optics communications marketplace. Since its initial investment in 2004. This is the fourth exit transaction for the Atlantic Bridge I portfolio, out of a total of 12 investments, and the second exit transaction in the last six months. Atlantic Bridge has now achieved successful portfolio exits to strategic buyers in North America, Europe and Asia.

Just Mobile, a company that insists on spelling its name with all-caps but we’ll ignore that, has announced a new offer of free calls and texts at any time of day for its customers to any Irish mobile network or landline so long as users top up by €18 a month. Just Mobile’s products are available nationwide in over 650 Spar, Spar Express, Eurospar, Mace and XL outlets. Their products will soon be available from 109 Topaz outlets.

Telecommunications company Airspeed Telecom is expanding its network, adding an average of one new high site a month representing an investment of €975,000 in the past year. The network expansion is part of a multi-million euro long-term investment plan by AirSpeed Telecom. The new high sites developed by AirSpeed Telecom in the past year are located in Dublin, Donegal, Cavan, Tipperary, Mayo, Cork and Westmeath. These high sites facilitate the connection of business and Public Sector customers to a core fibre backbone via a radio link.

And finally…This one makes me a bit nostalgic as I remember phone offers were mad when I started college but they almost disappeared by the time I did my masters. Students who switch to Meteor this April will get a free Samsung Cobble phone and if they top up by €20 per month, they will get another €20 free from Meteor. “Students are particularly value conscious and have to budget carefully during the academic year,” said Meteor’s Prepay manager Susan Brady. “Meteor’s call plans already give them the best value possible, but with this offer, they can get the added benefit of doubling their call credit and the peace of mind of always having a back up phone.”

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