The Weekly Record: 3 get gobbling, Sony Ericsson launch a phone, and all that’s fit to write

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

Three launched their 'All You Can Eat' data packages last weekAfter an unfortunately extended hiatus, the Weekly Record returns with some interesting business news and a tale of someone taking to YouTube to sell their house.

Mobile operator Three Ireland has launched new data tariff called ‘All you can eat’ for consumers to eliminate excess data charges for smartphone users. Smartphone customers on Three can add the package to their Flex Max price plans at no additional cost. Three’s aim is to give customer as much data as they can consume without feeling the financial pinch. “All You Can Eat data is aimed at giving customers peace of mind when using the internet on their mobile handset. By eliminating potential bill shock, they can enjoy the full smartphone experience freely without worrying about the cost,” said Eoin MacManus, commercial director at Three.

In related news Three have also revealed a new handset range produced in conjunction with the Football Association of Ireland (FAI). The series of themed handsets come emblazoned with the FAI logo. Handsets in the range include the Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy Europa, and Samsung Galaxy Ace.

Lillies Bordello was the venue midweek for the launch of the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY a new phone that is aimed squarely at gamers.  The slide out game pad reveals a direction pad, two analogue touch pads, two shoulder buttons and the four PlayStation standard Playstation buttons: circle, cross, square and triangle. The Xperia Play is loaded with 6 games and there are 86 games available for download from launch.  The phone is free on contract from Carphone Warehouse.

Business software firm Infor has launched its new product Workspace. This is a new consumer grade user interface designed to revolutionise the experience of doing business using enterprise applications. Built on Microsoft SharePoint, Infor Workspace blends a common user interface, in-context collaboration and business intelligence.  The role-based user experience allows users to access business functions with real-time decision making using a common look-and-feel.

And finally…Normally for this section I have to go trawling the internet to find a quirky or particularly cool story to write a few witty lines. Occasionally however their are weeks when the quirky story get delivered right to my mailbox. Such is the case with Jillian Godsil, one of the PR contacts who regular sends us items for this column. Ms Godsil is looking to sell her house in Shillelagh in Co. Wicklow, the problem is that Ireland doesn’t really have a property market and Shillelagh is a tad remote so using conventional means to find buyers would be expensive to say the least. What’s that, did somebody say YouTube? Yes indeedy, Ms Godsil has turned to video-sharing giant to sell her house and it’s generating quite the buzz with several media outlets (much bigger than this one) picking up the story. I really must ask though, if you aren’t trying to break some sort of zany world record why would you bother using YouTube for anything? Have a good weekend.

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