The Weekly Record: Digital Media Awards approach, Dana Strong takes charge at UPC, and Infor work with Ferrari

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

The DMAs were going for some kind of legendary Roman look but Mark Little refused to wear a toga.UPC have announced Dana Strong as their new CEO, IT Force secure €400,000 in deals but first the Satellite Broadband Digital Media Awards are coming up and supplied an amusing photo.

The Satellite Broadband Ireland Digital Media Awards are on this coming Friday 11 February at the creatively named Convention
Centre Dublin. I judged a couple of categories so you can expect plenty of photos of me in a tux appearing on this site in the coming weeks. CKSK Studios lead the nominations with a whopping 22 nods, has 11 nominations, Cybercom received 7 nominations, and ICANN got 6 nods. Mark Little, formerly of RTE now running Storyful, is presenting the show which is using ‘Legends will be Born’ as it’s slogan. As a fan of Project Runway however I must take some issue with their attempt to play up that element in the launch photo they sent us. The golden laurel wreath on Madeleine Derer in the photo above is the only element that really hints at that but Tim Gunn and Michael Kors would surely be disappointed by the efforts of Little and Kevin Ryan of Satellite Broadband Ireland. Poor hustle boys, show some swagger next time.

Dana Strong is the new chief executive of UPC Ireland, taking charge from 1 May 1st. She succeeds Robert Dunn, who has been appointed as managing director of UPC Netherlands. Strong joins UPC Ireland from AUSTAR, where she was chief operating officer since 2002. AUSTAR is a satellite subscription TV provider to over 760,000 customers in regional Australia.

IT Force secured €400,000 in new virtualisation deals, comprising  €200,000 in Citrix virtualisation software and hardware deals and €200,000 worth of support contracts and services, in 2010. The firm, which is a partner of DataSolutions, ann has seen a strong expansion in its virtualisation business in the year to 31 December 2010. In this time its virtualisation business grew 35 percent including €400,000 in new business from eight clients. “Organisations seeking more flexible, people-centric computing that can be run at a lower overall cost, has been at the root of this growth. Citrix virtualisation solutions enable easy migration to complete virtualised desktops, applications and data from any location, using any device. This enables more productive and mobile virtual work styles and helps IT adapt quickly to business changes, moves, growth, M&A and other initiatives,” said Joe O’Reilly, sales director at IT Force.

Business software firm Infor has extended its relationship with Ferrari, which has decided to migrate its information systems based on Baan IV to the latest version of Infor ERP LN.  The migration project is expected to be completed during the summer. “Ferrari is a manufacturing icon, long held as the standard-bearer in quality production and class,” said Enza Fumarola, vice president, Southern Region ERP Sales EMEA, Infor. “The migration of its operations to ERP LN and the extension of Infor’s partnership with Ferrari will enable us to play a large role in the company’s continued excellence and growth through the support of all production stages - from production planning to process management, cost and quality.”

Now it’s time for your regular dose of doom. IT security firm Sophos is advising computer users to be wary, following the discovery of a widespread malicious spam campaign. Cybercriminals are currently sending out the spam messages - which come attached with a malware infected .zip file - with titles such as ‘Post Express Service. Get the parcel’ and ‘Post Express Service. Number of your parcel’, all followed by random serial numbers. The message body of the emails ask users to print a mailing label which leads to users receiving a Trojan Horse instead. As always, Villa81 advises you to not open any mails or attachments unless you can trust the sender.

A team of scientists at Tyndall National Institute, UCC have made the world’s first junctionless transistor even smaller. The transistor is the building block of the microchip. The development of the world’s first junctionless transistor by Tyndall’s Professor Jean-Pierre Colinge had already sparked off huge interest amongst the leading semiconductor manufacturers around the globe when it was published in Nature Nanotechnology. The announcement was made as part of the programme of events taking place for Nanoweek which ran until yesterday. “The semiconductor industry was excited by the development of the junctionelss transistor as it could represent simpler manufacturing processes of transistors. Considering that there are approximately 2 billion transistors on a single microprocessor, any improvement in the performance or structure of the transistor is always hugely significant fir the semiconductor industry. Once we had developed the junctionless transistor our attention went towards making it even smaller. We have succeeded in making it at 50 nanometres, which is 20 times smaller than the transistors that were published in Nature Nanotechnology”, said Prof. Colinge.

And finally… My wariness towards 3D has eased somewhat after watch Tron Legacy twice so with thatt in mind this is a good time to learn that LG will unveil the LG Optimus 3D, the world’s first 3D smartphone, at Mobile World Congress. The LG Optimus 3D aims to address the lack of 3D content available in any medium. The smartphone will feature a dual-lens camera for 3D recording, a glasses-free LCD panel for 3D viewing and connectivity options such as HDMI and DLNA for 3D content sharing anytime. If you find yourself in Catalonia in a week or two then  further details and a live demo of the LG Optimus 3D will be offered at Booth #8B178 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from February 14 to 17.

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